Cersaie 2021

Immersive Chromatic Colors

Much has changed since the last time we were at Cersaie, but our commitment to developing new glass mosaic trends remains the same.

Ecology and Chromatism are our latest proposals for any projects that require cutting edge designs and sustainable solutions.

We will be delighted to welcome you at our Stand from September 27th to October 1st.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Cersaie 2021 - Free ticket

General info

Event: Cersaie

Date: 27 Sept. – 01 Oct. 2021

Location: Bologna, Italy

Booth: HALL 19 / STAND C31

Color Range

ONIX has found inspiration in the latest fashion, textile and interior design trends in order to create a carefully-studied color palette that serves to complement its wide range of products. A range of tones that are essential to the comprehensive decoration of singular and unique projects.

We have selected a range of pastel or “desaturated” tones that lend calm and serenity to spaces without masking their identity. Diving into this pool of color, we discover cool tones such as very natural greens, varied tones of blue that capture the essence of the sky and the sea in all its forms, and a gamut of neutral tones, until, finally, we arrive at the warmth of a full spectrum of earth colors.


ONIX once again is committed to the blending of technique, innovation and design to create a range of products clearly inspired by industry. This latest collection offers everything from cement-like finishes featuring textile textures to carefree paint and rust effects.

Furthermore, we have expanded our more natural collection of stone and marble finishes, creating a full range of colors from gray to beige.


Our travels to the most exotic places have inspired us to develop our collection of Aquastyle novelties. This season, ONIX’s most tropical tonal range is characterized by shades of turquoise and green that will bring a unique look to any pool area.

We have achieved this new tonal range thanks to the implementation of new colors in our manufacturing process. ONIX is a pioneer in implementing completely new tones in the market, ones never before used in vitreous mosaic.