Probably the most popular designs in the world


A large colour palette

Luxurious & versatile
With the famous Matte Anti-slipTM
A delicate look with an anti-slip feature (C3/R11)
Elegant & Resistant
Perfect for commercial floors
StoneGlass is the hardest mosaic in the world, almost as hard as a diamond (Mohs 9)
Smooth & Colourful
The perfect coating
Matte finish for walls and floors for private use. Also available in Matte Anti-slip


Create your custom Geo Patterns with this intuitive web app

Create Custom Geo Patterns

Imagine and customize our designs with ONIX® top tesserae.

Customize Geo Patterns in our 3 popular formats (Penta, Square and Hex). Choose your favorite design among the different styles: classic, contemporary, simple or complex… Then get inspired with our chips: StoneGlass, EcoStones, NatureGlass, 24K Gold… Find the combination that makes the difference in your project.


Eternal, surprising and brilliant.

This is the spirit of Geopattern series.

Our personal interpretation of this ancient art already used in Samurai houses, Sumerian columns, Roman Thermae floors or Islamic wall decorations. It is indeed extraordinary to witness how these repetitive designs transcended through eras and different cultural styles. How is it possible that similar patterns have been lying in the subconscious mind of the architects of the different eras? What inspired them?
Perhaps everything comes from the same mathematical principles that govern nature: the waves, the plants, the human being … If you look carefully there is always a pattern. For all we know, we cannot be sure of the exact origin, but we are sure about one thing: designers will always be fascinated with the beauty of symmetry.

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