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A collection of sensations and an expression of style.

The Aquastyle collection is made up of truly avant-garde glass mosaics; stone finishes, opals that shine with the light of rippling and tumbling waters, chromatic blends, an infinity of textures and even luminescent mosaics, which drink in daylight and shine at dusk, creating an unforgettable, radiant atmosphere.

A collection designed to lend elegance and character to swimming pools, bathrooms and other areas that involve water in their design.

Available in Square, Penta and Penny formats.

A collection that reflects the innovation behind all our mosaics.

We strive to always be on the cutting edge, the forefront, bringing trends to life in glass mosaic and offering the perfect solutions and finishes to the decoration of all types of spaces, exceeding all aesthetic expectation.

Thanks to the durability of Stoneglass and the softness of Natureglass, it is possible to harmonize the chromaticism of a given space.

Stone effect mosaics confer a natural aesthetic and perfection to any space, with mosaics of up to 24K available for luxury decoration.

Enveloping graphics, luminous, polished and iridescent finishes and textures that play with color and create stunning backlighting.

A collection of grand expressive richness, available in Square, Hex, Hex XK, Penta and Penny formats.

The beauty of symmetry expressed in glass mosaic. 

A collection that invites you to appreciate perspective and to discover surprising shapes.

Mosaic designs and patterns involving geometric and unexpected shapes capable of transforming a simple wall or floor into an impressive creative scene.

A collection that invites you to shape your ideas using the Mosaic Creator web application, an app that allows you to customize ONIX pattern designs, mixing and matching colors and finishes and achieving designs brimming with personality.

Available in Square, Penta and Hexagonal formats.

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