New mosaic trends 2020

Do you know the 2020 mosaic trends that will revolutionize interior design and architecture? Every year, great designers and architects create styles, shapes and colour combinations that set the referents in design.

The Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (Institute of Ceramic Technology) analyses these structures, designs and sociocultural environment to surprise us with the latest Trends of the market which you will find in ONIX MOSAIC!

Discover the irresistible 2020 trends and some of ONIX‘s latest novelties that you will find at Cersaie 2019, the international ceramic trade fair that is a reference in design and architecture.

Dramatic interior

The “Dramatic Interior” trend comes influenced by the world of fashion. The latest fashion in ceramics offers designs full of drama, personality and elegance with updated references from the 20s.

Marbles and natural stones with sophisticated cut stand out in ONIX’s Ecostones Hex XL series and in the Marmoreal collection, where you can also appreciate the marked tonal changes and sandstone effects.

ONIX joins this trend with new textures such as finishes with relief effect in sophisticated marbles, which you can discover at Cersaie 2019.

With a nod to neoclassical art, characterized by the symmetry and purity of the lines, the minimalism of recent years is left behind. An example of this can be seen in the ONIX floor that was designed for Casa Decor 2019. A true redefinition of luxury.

The influence of industrial style is also highlighted, but without forgetting the elegance of the Dramatic Interior. Metals that evoke the world of luxury, such as our own ONIX mosaic collection (Denim Copper, Vitra Skin, Boreal, Metal Blends, Chroma).

In general, this trend reflects a more theatrical aspect and includes surprising finishes such as iridescent ceramics reminiscent of the luminescent mosaic of the Vanguard Pool series.

As for colour, navy becomes the protagonist of the season along with black. Onix’s Navy Blue tone appears on the market as a sign of sophistication and design.

The Navy Blue and the Black Opal tones are shown as a trendy combination of dark shades accompanied by a strong presence of colours on the low scale.

A clear sample of Dramatic Interior can be found at Cersaie 2018 with the main decoration of ONIX stand, where a marked combination of marble and metal stands out.

feria de ceramica

Soft Heritage

On the other hand, there is the 2020 ceramic trend “Soft Heritage”. This style recovers the classics of ceramics with a soft and delicate perspective. It is minimalism, but with warm and clear touches.

A new and contemporary aesthetic that recovers the classic designs. An example of this is the ONIX mosaic with a wide range of colours from grey to white. A traditional ceramic look that you can find at Cersaie 2019.

It is about recreating relaxing and warm environments; places to rest, relax and disconnect from technology thanks to a ceramic combination centred on natural materials, clearly represented in the ONIX Soul Collection with wood and crackle. A reinvention of conventional woods with rich play of colours.

This way, the latest trend in interior design characterized by natural materials coexists with ceramics in a soft colour palette. Mosaic becomes another element of decoration, adding a very versatile combination of light colours, as you can see in the new series Hex XL StoneGlass Blends at Cersaie 2019.

One outstanding feature from Soft Heritage trend is the renewed hydraulics. This classic comes back with a more careful look, more polished finishes and a great palette of colours. The tones look cleaner and bright colour touches are added.

Small format takes on special importance, becoming a rising element in decoration and thus recovering an icon of classic design. This creative tool allows you to design fully customized Patterns. Thanks to technology, you can customize your designs yourself using the Mosaic Creator design tool. “Imagination has no limits”.