ONIX Recycled Glass Mosaic

A Sustainable Mosaic

A Mosaic is a work of art created by assembling hundreds of small tesserae of different shapes and colors.

ONIX Tesserae

In 1999 we initiated the journey of manufacturing distinguished sustainable tesserae that currently represent one of the main foundations of our company.

ONIX´s eco-friendly mosaics (made up of 98% recycled glass) is one of multiple elements that encompasses our pursuit for environmental sustainability

  • Production wastes are recycled & reutilized in the manufacturing of other finished products such as glass containers.
  • Fossil fuels are not used with the intent of avoiding the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • Liquid residues are nonexistent, as water is absent during our entire manufacturing process.
  • Our electric kilns are equipped with frequency converters that maximize energy efficiency.
  • Big-Bags and pallets are reutilized and Europallets are recycled, in order to promote circular economy.
  • Brown cardboard is used for packaging as it is far less polluting than white cardboard.

Our passion for innovation & technology has propelled us to the forefront of sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our Final Composition

All the above ecological initiatives are intended to creating a better world for future generations. This has lead ONIX to become the world’s leading manufacturer of glass mosaic.

We offer eco-friendly solutions for commercial and residential projects that require sustainable and design-oriented building materials.

Our glass mosaics are the perfect choice for all types of spaces as they are resistant to staining (no porosity), chemical agents and temperature changes.

We offer multiple formats including special pieces to cover edges of steps, corners, etc., therefore increasing the installation possibilities of our product.

Last but not least, we must highlight the hygienic and antibacterial properties of glass as one of the main factors for the growing use of our products in construction/renovation projects.

More than two decades of expertise endorse us, but we still aim to go as far as our imagination takes us.