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“Custom Design” solutions.

In addition to the ONIX mosaic collections, we provide “Custom Design” solutions which allow you to take those ideas or designs you have always dreamed of and bring them to life in glass mosaic.

The process is very simple:


Send us your ideal design, indicating the dimensions of the decoration, and we will get started immediately on the entire planning and design process, allowing us to turn your vision into reality.


Depending on the custom design technique you desire and on the exact specifications of the project, we will prepare a quote and completion schedule and begin bringing it to life in mosaic.

With over twenty years of experience in Custom Design solutions, we at ONIX have had the opportunity to work with world-renowned architects and engineers such as Jean Nouvel and Felipe Pantone on residential and commercial projects of varying sizes.

Pixel Art

Pixels Transformed into Tiles

Dive into the fascinating world of pixel art, where your ideas come to life as mosaics.

Each pixel becomes a small piece of art, meticulously placed to create unique and captivating compositions.

Our team transforms your images into personalized masterpieces that add a touch of originality to any space.

Moreover, with our technique, size is no limit; the larger the canvas, the more detail and beauty we can incorporate! Let us turn your vision into an impressive visual experience.

Digital Print

Digital Printing

At ONIX, we transform your ideas into art using our advanced digital printing technology in glass mosaic, capable of capturing every detail with vibrant color and intensity. If you're interested in creating a unique and spectacular mosaic, simply send us your design in JPEG or TIFF format at 300 dpi for images or in EPS or AI for vector graphics. If the file doesn't meet the required specifications, we will propose similar alternatives.

This technique offers exceptional clarity and precision, surpassing the pixel art technique to ensure your vision is captured with the highest fidelity.

Artistic Mosaic

Artisanal Mosaic Technique

The artistic mosaic technique involves combining irregular glass fragments to create an incredibly detailed and colorful decoration. 

Through this union of pieces, we can generate shapes or silhouettes from the design you send us in a way that is easily recognizable.

For the best results, send us the complete design with minimal definition in lines and colors to facilitate the interpretation of the areas to be filled.

Remember, the higher the desired level of detail, the larger the size of the decoration will be.

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