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A web application that allows you
to develop your most creative facets

Through the mixing and matching of ONIX tiles and to create the perfect composition for your project.


With this application, available in three languages ​​(Spanish, English and French), you will be able to select - quite intuitively - the colors, finishes and formats of the tesserae (tiles), while getting to know the characteristics of each of the ONIX series.

  • · Create random mixes and design your own, very easily. The application will allow you to adjust the percentage you desire of each type of tile in your composition, as well as to select the color of the joint and preview the result.
  • · Create custom gradients of a minimum of three to four tiles.
  • · Customize ONIX Patterns in square, Penta and hexagonal formats.

Complete custom design

The sketches created on Mosaic Creator will be transformed into a complete custom design that makes it easy for you to present your ideas in a clear and attractive way.

In addition, when you register at ONIX, you will be able to save both the design and detail on your computer, export it as a PDF, and send it by email, as well as share it on social networks.

In this video we explain how it works:

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When imagination begins, spaces are transformed into art.
How far does your imagination go?


  • · The use of the Mosaic Creator application and the designs generated while using it do not constitute a contractual document.
  • · The colors of the exported document may vary slightly from the actual colors.
  • ·  This web application can work on all devices, but it is optimized for use on computer or tablet. It is not recommended for use on smartphones.

Need help?

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