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Do you need help choosing the right material for your project?

When preparing for the renovation or construction of a space or swimming pool, the process of selecting the right materials becomes a challenge, since they must not only adapt to the technical and functional specifications, they must also meet aesthetic criteria.

At ONIX, because we have over 20 years of experience participating in projects around the world, we are ready and able to help you choose the mosaic that is guaranteed to coexist harmoniously with the rest of the elements in any space.

Why choose ONIX glass mosaic?

Here are the reasons why ONIX glass mosaic is the perfect choice for your projects:

A material of the highest quality that is ecological, versatile and features unique properties

ONIX mosaics are made from 98% recycled glass, an added value enhancing the quality of our product.

It is highly resistant to humid environments, features zero porosity and is resistant to thermal shocks, making our product the perfect option for any and all types of rooms.

And, let's not forget its noteworthy hygienic and antibacterial properties and ease of cleaning, all of which explains why this material is chosen more and more for all types of projects.

Mosaics designed for the elegant decoration of pools, floors and walls.

Our innovation efforts, technological potential, and continuous improvement in production processes have allowed us to position ourselves as a benchmark in the decorating universe.

Among our glass mosaic collections you will find over 1000 references featuring a wide variety of colors, textures, graphics, finishes and formats to choose from.

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Installing ONIX glass mosaic is really quite easy:

Whether you wish to install glass mosaic in a swimming pool or on any other surface, have a look at the following videos, in which we demonstrate the process.

In addition, we include a guide which provides even more information regarding adhesives and grouting, and cutting and drilling.

Types of Onix glass mosaic backing (support)

The PVC or polyurethane point backing is a high-quality thermoplastic backing that guarantees a long-lasting and homogeneous installation. Discover all its advantages!

We manufacture special pieces for a total finish.

At ONIX we have designed special pieces to complete any tiling and provide a perfect finish. These special pieces are the answer to even the most difficult challenges presented by any space, including steps, edges, joints and corners.

The variety of finishes and colors completes a range that goes perfectly with any of our products.

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Consult the following documents for the technical characteristics for all our series, including information regarding the most suitable areas for their application:

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