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The largest manufacturer of glass mosaic

Benchmark in the decorating universe.

At ONIX we have succeeded, in just a few years, in becoming the largest manufacturer of glass mosaic at the international level.

Our innovation efforts, technological potential, and continuous improvement in production processes, have allowed us to position ourselves as a benchmark in the decorating universe.

What drives us is our desire to offer the ideal ecological solution to commercial and residential projects that demand sustainable construction materials and design.

Our collections make clear our passion for transcending the limits of interior design and reflect our commitment to offer new aesthetic proposals each and every year, to be on the crest of the wave of new trends and attentive to the needs of the sector.

Over two decades of experience, and our goal remains the same:

        To go as far as our imagination takes us

ONIX, the soul of a decorator

Driven by creativity and our passion for providing the perfect mosaic for each project, our work extends beyond the product, and with each collection we reinvent ourselves.

This design philosophy has led to the widest range on the market, with over 1000 swimming pool and decoration references. This ample portfolio we have worked so hard to create is the only way to ensure that we can provide the mosaic that each and every space demands.

Customized Solutions

We successfully meet the challenge of inspiring the most demanding professionals during the creative phase of their projects, whether commercial, residential, or swimming pools.

We create new blends, custom patterns, digital decorations, technical finishes, and more.

With over twenty years of experience, we provide customized solutions for high-level projects worldwide.

Committed to the Environment

Future generations depend on our responsibility to the planet. We are firmly committed to providing products that are respectful to the environment and people's health, being energy efficient and reducing CO2 emissions.

Our glass mosaics are made from 98% recycled glass, contributing to the circular economy. We use recyclable packaging and renewable energy in our production, highlighting our commitment to energy sustainability.

Versatility and Efficiency

We design glass mosaics as a fundamental element in interior and exterior decoration. They offer wide aesthetic possibilities and high customization, along with significant functional properties. They are highly resistant to humidity, have zero porosity, and are resistant to thermal shocks, making them ideal for any space. Additionally, they have notable hygienic and antibacterial properties and are easy to clean, making them increasingly chosen for all types of projects.