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The perfect material

The versatility of glass mosaic

Glass mosaic is an especially interesting material when it comes to space design, because it can turn a simple, modest space into a work of art.

Since 1999, at ONIX we have been driven by the desire to provide a unique color palette with the tones that every professional needs. We have become pioneers with the inclusion of teal in our color offering, a color never before used in glass mosaic.


Among our collections you will find everything from basic mosaics that never fail, to art-deco geometric designs, to marble and stone, to vintage-inspired graphics and even premium 24-karat gold finishes.

Our Patterns

Our Patterns breathe life into spaces, giving them personality and style, and the finishes and textures of our mosaics are more than just pieces that complement the design of a space, they are, in fact, design themselves.

We invite you to try the ONIX Mosaic Creator tool. With it, you can give free rein to your creativity, mixing and matching ONIX tiles to find the perfect composition for your project.

Project Consultation

We have over twenty years of experience working closely with architects and interior designers from all over the world, developing residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

This experience means that, in addition to our product, we also provide a service of great value: our consultation service.

Arrange a visit or get in touch with us - we are ready and happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding your project.

Shall we talk?

Custom Design by ONIX

Make your project stand out with our custom design solutions.

The ONIX Showroom

The ONIX Showroom is in Onda (Castellón), and it is a space that is overflowing with creativity and design. We encourage you to arrange a visit with us:

Visit our Deco section

Visit our Aquastyle section

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