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The spirit of the ONIX Patterns Series

With our ONIX Patterns, we offer our personal interpretation of this ancient art form once used in the houses of Samurai, on Sumerian columns and Roman floors, and on the walls in Islamic architecture.

It is extraordinary how these repetitive designs have been present in so many periods of human history and part of such diverse cultural styles. How is it possible that similar patterns have existed in the subconscious of architects from different eras? What inspired them? Perhaps the source of their inspiration lies in the very mathematical principles that shape nature and are revealed through nature: waves, plants, humankind...

If you look carefully, you will discover there is always a pattern. In any case, while it may not always be possible to determine the exact origin of such patterns, there is one thing we know for sure:

Designers will always be fascinated by the beauty of symmetry.

Imagine and customize our designs

Design possibilities are endless when you have the freedom to create. At ONIX, we make it possible for you to create a design tailored to your creativity and find the perfect pattern for your project.

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Choose from among the various options detailed below and achieve perfect results:


Choose an ONIX pattern design with the proposed tiles.


Choose an ONIX pattern design, but customize the combination of colors and finishes. Using the ONIX Mosaic Creator application you will be able to modify the tiles of the pattern you like best until you have created your own Pattern. We explain the process in this video.


Develop a new pattern design with the help of our design team: you can send us a pattern design that you would like to replicate in mosaic along with the selection of tiles you wish to use. Our design department will adjust your proposed design to help you achieve a Pattern that is completely made-to-order.

Customization options

We know that choosing or making a Pattern design is as important as deciding the color, texture, format and finish of your tiles. If you desire:

Luxury and Versatility:
Ecostones finish

The look may be delicate, but it maintains its non-slip properties (C3/R11).

Each mosaic is covered in elegant marble and stone textures. Endless combinations of possibilities for decorative atmospheres. With veining reminiscent of fine marble and realistic stone textures, they transport us back to their natural origin.

Softness and Color:

The glass mosaic which comes closest to total technical perfection. Its cut is neat and absolutely defined. This mosaic is a staple that never fails, thanks to a wide variety of tones and shades: white, bone, black, gray, cool and warm colors, etc. In a matte finish, it is perfect for overlays and residential floors.

Elegance and Durability:

The hardest glass mosaic in the world. A technical feat noteworthy for its high wear resistance. Listed as a 9 on the Mohs scale, it is almost as hard as diamond. This mosaic is especially suitable for floors that experience high levels of commercial traffic.

Patterns Guide

You will be able to learn more about the adaptation of the pattern to the space and the particular installation process, as well as everything related to the process of preparing a quote and payment for the service.

Mosaic Creator App

A web application that allows you to develop your most creative side by combining the ONIX tesserae until you find the perfect composition for your project.
Start shaping your creativity!

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