ONIX, considerada un ejemplo de internacionalización

ONIX Mosaico, a successful case of internationalization

Last Monday, July 3rd 2023, ONIX had the privilege of receiving the Prize for Internationalization at the 2023 SME awards ceremony in Castellón.

An award granted by Banco Santander and Cámara de Comercio de Castellón, in collaboration with Cámara de España and Mediterráneo Newspaper.

This decoration recognizes companies with socially responsible projects that have excelled within the fields of Internationalization, Training-Employment or Innovation & Digitalization .

ONIX would like to express our appreciation to our team for their hard work and dedication, and to all of our customers that trust our brand as a model of sustainable business.

Also extend our thanks to BANCO DE SANTANDER SA, Cámara de Comercio de Castellón, El Periódico Mediterráneo for honoring us with this special award.

For more, you may read the full article here.

And special mention to ONIX here.


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