Everything has a soul. Although not visible, it is always behind every mosaic. Wood, craquelures, cements... Textures inspired by noble materials and contemporary chromaticisms. A collection detached from passing fads that respects the essence of the matter.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration. Nature envelops us with unimaginable colours, textures and shapes and evokes series with stones, slates, oxides, micaceous, woods... A collection that exudes tranquillity. Available in all formats: hexagonal, penta, brick and the classic 2.5.

Imagination becomes a seductive mosaic. Fascinating blends designed for high-end décor. Trendy colours, textures full of creativity, finishes with a high technical component... Their destination: original spaces transmitting a marked personality to make you fall in love. It is certainly ONIX®’s reference collection.

Any ONIX® mosaic, whatever its creation process, has always an essence. It begins with a colour, a texture or a finish that acts as the trigger for future blends. But before taking that concept to more sophisticated ways, we try to synthesize the heart of the idea in an elemental and elegant blend.

A reinterpretation of the classics. A decorative base to create a balanced atmosphere in each space. Mattes, opalescent, Stoneglass grains... All the technical finishes that lead you to the forefront of the mosaic presented in a wide range of flat colours. No blends.

Sometimes you have to look at things with perspective to discover unexpected shapes. A simple element at first sight becomes a complex and extraordinary geometry. It is the beauty of symmetry. Designs and patterns to decorate floors and walls, spaces with their own personality.

Designs that turn a swimming pool into high-end décor and delight both designers and architects. Avant-garde digital textures, surprising opalescents that recall the waves, blends with bursts of colours or subtle shades, luminescents that glow in the dark... An expression of style for swimming pools.

Touching purity always produces a special feeling. Stones, crystals, marbles... To know that someday those materials were hidden and immutable, only in touch with nature, and that now are part of a space full of nobility. The distinction marks the beginning of a journey full of splendour. Colours, textures, finishes... A collection of mosaics with source materials that give rise to spaces with good taste.