Colourful Mosaic Trends for 2020

Are you a daring person? If so, these are the perfect mosaic trends for you.

The Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (Institute of Ceramic Technology) analyses these structures, designs and sociocultural environment to surprise us with the latest Trends in the market.

Discover the most colourful mosaic trends of 2020 and ONIX’s latest novelties at Cersaie 2019, the international ceramic trade fair that is a reference in design and architecture. All full of colour!

Savage Soul

The deficit of nature in our environment highlights the Savage Soul trend, characterized by a jungle style, both in the representation of vegetal creativities and in the use of materials that connect with nature.

mosaico para piscinas

The tropical world, the jungle, the vegetal decoration… Exotic decorations that are possible thanks to Digital Print technology in vitreous mosaic. And on any surface! Check it out at Cersaie 2019 with our most colourful proposal.

Designs with natural textures stand out since they are also used for swimming pools, as you will see in ONIX’s Vanguard Pool series such as Balistone, Arrecife Green, Rodas, Borneo… You will feel totally surrounded by nature!

diseño 2020

Cements with textures and innovative finishes that look like handicrafts are also present. Expressive cementitious textures with a touch of colour that can be found in the Zement and Frisia Silver mosaics.

The colour palette within this trend combines dark colours of the earth along with intense greens and blues, typical of vegetation and marine waters. This is a clear example that we can find this year at Cersaie, a predominantly cold but very sensory range of tones.

To the growing desire to be surrounded by nature we must add the value of sustainability and ecology. In a society increasingly committed to preserving the natural environment, eager for vegetation and open air, the design is based on technological innovations to minimize the negative environmental impact. Therefore, ONIX combines design and sustainability to offer mosaics that are manufactured with 98% recycled glass.

Plug & Play

The Plug & Play trend stands out for its bright colours, the decorative graphic patterns and the references to the virtual world. A cool and fun style!

It is the search for an expressive language that connects with the new times. The basic ranges of NatureGlass or StoneGlasss combined with joints of a wide colour palette form a reticulated visual effect that is a perfect representation of this trend. A new combination that you can discover at the ONIX Cersaie 2019 stand as you have never imagined before.

There is a clear influence of technology with a hint to drawings and illustration. In this style small-size graphic motifs stand out, a confetti effect of the wallpaper, but transferred to the mosaic as in the Vintage Blends series.

In this trend mosaic becomes a key configurator of space thanks to the creation of irregular shapes or patterns as well as linear grids, as is the case with this ‘ONIX carpet‘ created especially for the Cersaie 2017 stand.

As for the colour range, it is characterized by tones typical of the digital world: from electric blues to even roses and purples. Colours are developed far from the ceramic tradition thanks to technical innovations in coloration and finishes. One of the most eclectic effects is found in the Opalescents collection ¡Vivid, intense colours and full of contrasts!