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Rediscover the mosaic

Marbles, 24K Gold, opals, metallic, reliefs … Immerse yourself in Casa Decor and discover the ONIX mosaic in 3 incredible spaces by Jaime Jurado, Vatea Estudio and Marisa Gutiérrez.

ONIX is a world reference in the decoration universe thanks, to a large extent, to the designers with whom the company has worked. Because each project requires getting out of the preconceived and developing it to measure. You can have a multitude of colors, hundreds of textures and dozens of finishes. There will always be a space that deserves a new mosaic.

The ONIX collaborations are a good example of the creative potential of the material. The artistic vision of Jaime Jurado, the sophisticated pattern of Vatea or the sensory experience of Marisa Gutiérrez … Three examples of how each decorative concept can find its personalized mosaic.

General information

Event: Casa Decor 2019
Start Date: 24/01/2019
End Date: 10/03/2019
Location: Madrid, España
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