Discover ONIX’s two square mosaic tile formats

The glass mosaic formats, besides increasing its unlimited combination possibilities, affect the aesthetics and visual perception of the spaces. An example of this can be seen in the formats of the traditional square mosaic Square and the large format mosaic Penta. The difference between both formats is a small increase of 25 mm in the size of the tesserae and the result of using one or the other is a totally different design.

It is amazing how the essence and perception of the room changes when we see the tesserae on a wall or a floor in each format.

Large Penta Format Mosaic vs. Traditional Square Mosaic

Penta Format Mosaic

The Penta format mosaic is characterized by a large square mosaic measuring 50x50mm and its main potential is aesthetic.

The increase of the tessera and, therefore, the decrease of the joints, implies a feeling of greater precision and amplitude in the rooms.

This is why the Penta format is perfect for an extra design touch in the widest spaces without losing the essence of the originality of the floor and wall coatings created with small tesserae.

At Onix you can find the Penta mosaic in the Deco Collection (Penta Ecostones) and in the Aquastyle pool mosaic collection (Penta Vanguard Pool).

In both collections, the mosaic in this format has the same properties as the traditional format mosaic; besides, its use and laying is also the same.

Square Format Mosaic

The Square format mosaic measuring 25x25mm is the most traditional mosaic as well as the most classic of our range.

Aesthetically, this traditional mosaic allows for countless decorative possibilities. Its use is perfect to highlight a wall or break the continuity of a floor as in the case of showers.

In addition, the harmony of the grid of joints in this format creates an atmosphere of order and serenity that combines perfectly with the great decorative potential of the mosaic.

Both in our Deco collection and in the Aquastyle pool mosaic collection, the Square format mosaic is available in a variety of series, with a great number of colors, textures and finishes.


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