Cotto: Una estética totalmente nueva

We have rescued a classic with a completely new aesthetic

At ONIX, we are aware of the growing demand for organic textures and natural colors to be used in the design of spaces. That is why we have recovered traditional tile manufacturing techniques and launched a new range of glass mosaics in three different formats (Penny, Hex XL and Penta): Cotto.

The Cotto mosaic tiles feature delicate color variations, like those found in traditional clay tiles. The result: mosaics with unique chromatic mixes.

Interior Design Trends: Cotto

When creating a space that boasts both a classic style and a unique design, the greatest challenge is how to maintain the timeless quality of the style despite constant changes in trends.

Fortunately, tradition never goes out of style, and Cotto mosaics are a perfect fit for residential and commercial projects.

These mosaics are easy to clean and maintain, and are an excellent complement in kitchens and bathrooms, providing a color palette that always goes nicely with the rest of the elements in the room. 

The variety of finishes features iridescent tiles that interact with one another, creating warm and welcoming spaces.

Advantages of Cotto Glass Mosaic over Terracotta Tiles

  • Traditional terracotta tiles are very porous. Water and other liquids quickly seep into the core of the tile, resulting in unsightly stains. Glass mosaics, on the other hand, feature zero porosity.
  • Terracotta tiles are often treated with an enamel as a form of waterproofing, an inherent property of glass mosaic. Unlike clay, glass mosaic does not require enamel, which means the chromatic beauty is not altered.
  • Finally, glass mosaic does not share the inherent irregularities of clay, meaning it is easy to install.

Cotto Mosaics by ONIX

With over twenty models on hand, you are sure to find the perfect mosaic for your project.


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