Season’s Greetings!

Over the past year, ONIX has worked hard to meet the demands and needs of the sector, leading the way in manufacturing, design and distribution. And what makes this year especially rewarding is knowing that we have continued to earn your trust and confidence.

Taking a look back…

In 2022, our efforts in R+D+I have allowed us to carry out initiatives focused on the creation of highly innovative and unique styles, including in the digital realm. For example, we redesigned our ONIX website. The design is now smoother, more user-friendly, and it offers greater dynamics and functionality. A greatly improved user experience on all devices.

And then, there was Cersaie 2022, an event which gave us the opportunity to showcase the versatility of our new decorative glass mosaic designs, such as our “Cotto” mosaic range – a wonderful reminder that tradition never goes out of style – and our latest innovative designs, part of our growing avant-garde collection.

Over the last twelve months, we have participated in all the major fairs and events in the sector and in countless meetings with professionals around the world. These intensive efforts have allowed us to forge new alliances and to address needs we have discovered and are intent on meeting.

And, because we take our environmental commitment seriously, this year we have also installed a 2.5 MW photovoltaic plant to power various processes in our facilities. By making use of green energy, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint.

Without losing sight of the future…

We are well aware that in 2023, trends will be dictated not only by design, but also by greater demands in terms of technical material requirements and by a strong commitment to the environment. Our aim is to continue meeting these demands, providing versatile, quality products that are the perfect solution for any Project.

We can’t wait to dive into 2023!

Happy Holidays!


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