Une mer en équilibre – Nouveauté ONIX au Cersaie 2021

Let’s sail away to some heavenly beach, to be there at that moment when the blue of the sky merges with the turquoise of a calm sea.

This perfect pairing of colors, of calm and energy in equal measure, is the latest offering by ONIX, presented at the most recent edition of Cersaie.

The understated elegance of “teal” evokes a mood of calm and reflection, while its shimmer taps a well of energy and promotes a positive, affirming spirit.

Until now, the use of primary colors alone did not allow for this rich variety of tones or brilliance. With “teal”, we have successfully broadened the mosaic color spectrum.

This new color, never before seen in glass mosaic, in addition to completing our range of greens and blues is the perfect complement to warm colors, accentuating them ‘to a T’.

These are just some of the new products that were such a big hit at Cersaie. To discover them all, we invite you to look through our Catalog of Latest Additions:

More of the Latest Additions from ONIX at Cersaie

In addition to our new color, at the latest edition of the Fair we introduced new mosaics in pastel tones and “desaturated” tones, as well as new designs that broaden our collection of stone and marble finishes from ONIX.

With this new collection, ONIX demonstrates how glass mosaic can be employed as a decorative alternative to industrial-inspired finishes, featuring effects such as brush strokes, the worn or torn look, rust, and cement.

With respect to tone, these products are found within the range of neutral tones, with subtle touches of color that accentuate their decorative character. Their finishes, matte or glossy-matte, are ideal for both flooring and wall tiles, allowing them to be used interchangeably for different areas and creating a perfect color scheme in each space.

Thank you for visiting with us

We would like to thank you for all the visits, face-to-face and virtual, and for all your enthusiasm and trust.

We have not forgotten those who were unable to visit our stand due to the special circumstances the world is experiencing.

We trust that this video will bring you closer to us.


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