Create your own natural oasis with teal-coloured mosaic tiles

When you have a swimming pool at home, taking a vacation is as simple as stepping outside.

And isn’t it almost intoxicating, that pleasant sensation that washes over you when you enter a space with large or abundant windows, allowing you to look out upon the countryside and be carried away by natural light and fresh air?

However, that feeling of connecting with nature, of being gently enveloped in an atmosphere of relaxation, can be interrupted by an element that is aesthetically out of tune with its surrounding environment. This is why, more and more, pools are receiving the attention they deserve.

The clean lines and smart, modern design of new construction require pools to blend in nicely with the landscape.

As such, the wall and floor finishes must be selected carefully, so that they allow for smooth transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces and help blend pool water and surrounding landscape, establishing a seamless connection with the outdoor environment.

In this way, a simple garden and turquoise-green pool will enhance the natural beauty of the space and will provoke even more exotic sensations:

Teal Colored Glass Mosaic in Square and Penta Format

Among the latest of our creations in glass mosaic launched this year, we invite you to discover a new addition to our most tropical color range – Teal – never before seen in glass mosaic. These mosaics in turquoise – or a perfectly balanced greenish-blue – bring the freshness and relaxation of the oceans to all types of surfaces and allow us to achieve that feeling of calm and connection with Nature, as we mentioned earlier.

Teal Colored Glass Mosaic in Hex XL and Penny Format

This new color, also associated with the release of stress and with a clean, refreshed feeling, can be used as wall tiles in areas regularly exposed to water such as the bathroom, spa, sauna, etc., precisely where these sensations of disconnect and cleanliness are pursued.

With its hexagonal XL format (diameter: ø 51.6 mm – 2”) the Maui Hex XL glass mosaic brings us closer to the nature of quartz, with subtle hints of rust that create a beautiful contrast to the natural shine of the stone.

Hex XL Maui

The Penny format (diameter: 19mm) creates even more possibilities for the more creative among us. In the gallery below, we introduce all our latest creations in turquoise launched in this format:

The other “green” from ONIX

As you know, at ONIX we understand that future generations depend on us to take our responsibility to the planet seriously. Which is why we are firmly committed to providing a product that is respectful to the environment and to people’s health, in addition to being energy efficient, thereby reducing excess CO2 emissions and helping to protect the planet.

Our glass mosaic tiles are made from 98% recycled glass, an added value that enhances the quality of our product.

Let your imagination soar, as if you were painting on a canvas! We invite you to start today: bring your particular oasis to life using the latest proposals by ONIX.


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