ONIX recrea los cielos de París

Glass mosaics by ONIX recreate the Paris skies on the vaulted ceilings of the metro

Thousands of ONIX tesserae form coloured patterns in the tunnels, creating an optical effect of movement

Glass mosaics allow passengers to observe the shifting colours of dawn and dusk at the RER Charles de Gaulle-Étoile metro station

The “celestial vaulted ceilings” are the design of the prestigious Paris studio Plastac

Intervention in the tunnels of the RER Charles de Gaulle-Étoile metro station. Paris (France).

Autor: Studio Plastac
Promoter: RATP
Photography: Studio Pastac
Mosaico de vidrio de ONIX
Bespoke tiles, designed and manufactured for the project

If you happen to be in Paris and take the metro at the Charles de Gaulle-Étoile station, situated underneath the magnificent Arc de Triomphe, you’ll be treated to an unexpected experience, the result of a renovation project of the station’s nine tunnels that connect the metro with the RER commuter trains. The vaulted ceilings and walls are covered with ONIX tesserae, recreating the myriad colours of the Paris skies.

RATP, the French capital’s public transport operator, decided to remodel the station’s connections and its ARC team of architects sought the collaboration of Studio Plastac, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Paris. The designers successfully turned the underground passages into spaces filled with life and movement by recreating on the vaulted ceilings the intense and shifting tones of the French capital’s skies.

Metro passengers can observe the colour shading and nuances as they move

Each vaulted ceiling in the tunnels that connect the various levels via escalators projects the shifting tones of the sky throughout the day, taking passengers from dawn to dusk. A clever combination of multiple interwoven shades and tones on the thousands of blue, pink, violet orange and yellow tesserae of the glass mosaics.

This is an outstanding project and graphic intervention based on a format described by its authors as “celestial vaulted ceilings”. “We envisaged the vaulted ceilings and their walls as the sky in which passengers can observe the nuances that evoke certain times of day, suspended, in transition”, the designers at Studio Plastic added. And the only way to create this illusion of thousands of nuances was to use a special mosaic tile.

The walls of the corridors and tunnels that connect this large station are also covered with thousands of glass mosaic tiles in white, inspired by the classic colour of the Paris metro. The white glass mosaic tiles are used in a subtle combination of gloss and matt effects, bringing to life the long connections.

The graphic designers’ solution for the colour transitions consisted of a series of patterns featuring a variety of shades, based on a series of interwoven combinations made up of the small glass tiles by ONIX.

The transitions between the tones had to be extremely subtle in order to create an optical sense of movement and the change of perception of each sky. Delicate contrasts in tones and the clever arrangement of the tiles was the key to breaking down the colours.

Bespoke glass mosaics designed and manufactured specifically for the project

This project required close collaboration between the various teams involved: designers, architects and experts from the RAPT (the Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration), Studio Plastac and ONIX worked together on the development and execution of this ambitious project.

The result is an outstanding example of a bespoke product that was designed and manufactured in accordance with the technical and creative needs of a specific idea. In this case, ONIX designed bespoke tiles and adapted its production methods to a new 18×43 mm format with a 6 mm thickness, in keeping with the pattern requirements.

The research team from the mosaic tile firm also developed the necessary colours, by blending the correct proportions of pigment featured in the tiles. The final task was to arrange the thousands of tesserae on the meshes following the patterns and designs created by the graphic designers so that they could be correctly laid and the required effect achieved.

Studio Plastac, from printed images to images in movement

Studio Plastac is a French graphic design studio whose work covers various fields, including architecture, music, gastronomy, art, fashion and the luxury industry, carrying out projects for both public and private companies. The studio draws no boundaries between areas and is always willing to mix various genres. The studio adopts an artisanal and transversal approach to graphic design, blurring the limits between printed images and images in movement.

ONIX, the world leader in the manufacture of high-end glass mosaics

ONIX is a Spanish company specialised in the manufacture and sale of recycled glass mosaics for high-end projects including swimming pools, residential spaces and commercial premises (indoors and outdoors).

Founded in 1999, ONIX is the world leader in its sector and has more than 2,200 products. ONIX mosaic tiles are manufactured from 98% recycled glass.

In line with its commitment to environmental care, ONIX has set up a new manufacturing plant equipped with state-of-the-art and high energy efficiency technologies. The firm’s production processes are powered by renewable photovoltaic energy generated on-site.

ONIX has a global reputation for its commitment to innovation, as well as its magnificent designs and bespoke solutions that combine the essence of traditional materials and cutting-edge trends.

Today, the company sells its products in more than 110 countries and international markets account for just under 70% of the total sales. Its principal export destinations are the European Union, USA and Middle East.

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