A Look into ONIX’s Renovated Showroom

Discovering Excellence in Glass Mosaic

At ONIX, we pride ourselves on leading innovation and quality in the glass mosaic industry. Following a significant renovation, our showroom has been transformed into a space where functionality and design converge to inspire the most demanding projects of our professional clients and prescribers.

A Redesigned Space to Inspire

The ONIX showroom is more than just a display; it is a source of inspiration and an essential tool for professionals seeking aesthetic and functional solutions in mosaics. With areas dedicated to different applications, we offer a comprehensive view of the possibilities our products can bring to any project.

Dazzling Decoration

Our video from the decoration section captures the essence of the versatility and beauty of glass mosaic.

From striking walls to subtle details that enhance any space, our showroom stands out for presenting innovative applications that can adapt to various environments and styles.

Innovation in Pools

The video from our pool section shows how our mosaics not only meet the highest standards of quality and durability but also offer a palette of colors and textures that transform any water area into a work of art.

More Than a Showroom: A Collaboration Center

At ONIX, we understand that each project has its own needs and challenges. Therefore, our showroom is a space for collaboration, where professionals can work hand in hand with our experts to find the perfect solutions that fit their projects.

Exclusive Visits for Professionals: To ensure a detailed and personalized experience, we invite our professional clients and prescribers to schedule a private visit with one of our Area Managers. This opportunity not only allows exploring our extensive product portfolio in a calm and professional environment but also to discuss specific projects and receive expert advice.

Connecting with ONIX

If you are a professional in design, architecture, or construction and are looking for inspiration or specific solutions in glass mosaic, we invite you to contact our Area Managers to schedule your visit to the showroom. At ONIX, we are ready to help you take your projects to the next level with creative and personalized solutions that only our glass mosaic can offer.

Explore, discover, and innovate with us at the heart of ONIX.


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