ICON Deco by ONIX: Aesthetics and Functionality in Interior Design

ONIX´s ICON Deco collection is presented as a rich and varied visual narrative ideal for architecture and design professionals looking to meet the aesthetic and functional challenges of modern spaces. This detailed approach highlights the ability of tiles to integrate and elevate any architectural or interior design project.

Exploring Textures and Patterns

CON Deco offers a palette of textures and patterns that are both a nod to tradition and a leap towards innovation in design. Ranges like Penta Origami and Penta Memphis show how shapes and colors can be manipulated to create visual rhythms that enliven spaces without overwhelming them. These pieces can be used to add character to a space or to create a subtle focal point that directs the observer’s experience.

Chromatism and Composition

The choice of color in the ICON Deco range is particularly relevant in projects where tone and atmosphere are critical. From the soft grays that provide a neutral base to vibrant touches of arctic blue and azalea pink, each hue is designed to complement and coexist harmoniously within diversified palettes. This allows designers to explore bold combinations or stick to reinvented classics.

Versatile Applications

Beyond the traditional wall, ICON Deco tiles adapt to varied uses such as floor coverings, wall decorations, and furniture details. This versatility makes them valuable allies for designers interested in creating continuity or striking contrasts within both interior and exterior spaces.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability remains a cornerstone for ONIX, with practices that ensure low environmental impact without compromising the quality & aesthetics of design. This consideration is crucial for projects that seek not only beauty and functionality but also environmental responsibility.

Inspiration in Every Project

The ICON Deco collection is more than a range of products; it is a source of inspiration that invites creators to think about how details can transform a space. . Each installation has the potential to become a dialogue between art and its functional environment, offering solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and deeply pragmatic.

Design professionals and enthusiasts will find in ICON Deco by ONIX the perfect ally to carry out their most ambitious visions, where every detail counts and every choice has a significant visual and functional impact.


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