Piscine conçue par Karim Rashid avec la mosaïque ONIX

Located on the top of the exclusive Temptation Resort hotel in Cancun, we find the spectacular Sky Lounge overlooking the Mexican Caribbean. An exclusive environment to enjoy a swimming pool with jacuzzi on the heights, where ONIX mosaic for pools is the main material.

An eclectic pool located in an adventurous and relaxed space. ‘A sensual minimalism’ typical of the iconic interior designer Karim Rashid.

This hotel with a suggestive design inspired by the human body, can only be visited by people over 21 years old. An incredible accommodation that fuses luxury with sensuality.

Onix mosaic for pools

The design of this ONIX coating for swimming pools makes the mosaic wrap you in a unique environment thanks to the silver and gold reflections of the Opalo Iridiscent grey product.

The grey hues mixed with opal gloss finish produce a seductive play of colours when the light touches the tesserae. Following the style of the prestigious designer Karim Rashid, the neutral shades of grey along with the light reflections convey unique sensations in a high pool with a jacuzzi.

The sparkles and glints reflected in the sway of the water combine perfectly with the suggestive and careful lighting of the Sky Lounge. In addition, the best technical qualities of the market are added to the design features of ONIX mosaic for swimming pools.

Designed by Karim Rashid

The international industrial and interior designer has dressed in his characteristic ‘sensual minimalism ’the original Temptation Resort in Cancun.

Renowned worldwide for its original concept, this hotel is full of suggestive curves and bright colours, stimulated by charming lighting. A personalized design that boosts the attraction in a fun and colourful environment.

Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. More than 3,000 designs, more than 300 awards and collaborations in 40 countries give credit to his career in the world of design.

Sky Lounge by Gina Rosete of Tropiqa Studio Mx

The Sky Lounge was designed by Gina Rosete of Tropiqa Studio, under the vision of general designer Karim Rashid. They both mimetized getting a modern, fresh and daring identity.

The design of Karim Rashid with Tropiqa Studio, together with the great features of ONIX mosaic for pools, have turned this work a benchmark in the design of swimming pools and hot tubs for hotels. It has recently been awarded a gold medal in the Hospitality, Bars and Restaurants category by the X Ibero-American Biennial CIDI of interior design, design and landscaping 2019-2020.


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