Transform Your Pool into a Nighttime Spectacle with ONIX’s Luminiscent Mosaics

At ONIX, innovation and beauty merge to create decorative solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of spaces but also improve the user experience.

A prime example of this philosophy is the exclusive range of Luminiscent mosaics, designed to transform pools and outdoor areas into magical and luminous settings at night.

ONIX’s Luminiscent mosaics capture the essence of daylight to project it with subtlety and elegance once the sun sets, offering a visual spectacle unparalleled.

This capability not only extends the enjoyment time of pools, allowing for nocturnal swims in a serene and captivating atmosphere but also turns any pool into a focal point of design and attraction.

Magnetic Attraction

One of the most notable features of the Luminiscent mosaics is their magnetic attraction. As night falls, these tiles begin to glow, creating an impressive visual effect that captivates everyone who sees it. This uniqueness not only makes pools more attractive but also sets them as benchmarks for innovation in design.

Design Versatility

Available in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, and white, Luminiscent mosaics offer a wide range of design possibilities. Clients can choose from predefined patterns or completely customize their selection to create unique effects.

From geometric compositions that blend with the daytime environment to bold patterns that come to life at night, versatility is maximum.

Enhanced Safety

Beyond their aesthetic impact, Luminiscent mosaics also serve a safety function. When lit, tiles placed on steps and edges act as luminous guides, significantly improving visibility and preventing accidents during nighttime pool use.

Constant Elegance

Although it is in the darkness that these mosaics show their true capability, their high-quality finish ensures that the pool maintains an elegant and sophisticated appearance during the day as well. This dual aesthetic impact guarantees that the beauty of the pool remains unchanged, regardless of the time.

ONIX is proud to offer a solution that not only beautifies pools from an aesthetic standpoint but also enhances the user experience.

Luminiscent mosaics are a demonstration of how technology and design can work together to create exceptional environments, both functional and beautiful.

This innovation is intended for those who seek to go beyond in decorating their outdoor spaces, providing a unique atmosphere that can be enjoyed at any hour.

With ONIX, light becomes yet another design element, capable of completely transforming the experience of a traditional pool.

We invite everyone to discover how Luminiscent mosaics can illuminate their outdoor spaces and create dreamy nocturnal atmospheres, perfect for enjoying at any time.


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