Impression numérique sur mosaïque de verre pour la déco intérieure

At ONIX we care about the environment. That is why our mosaic is made from high quality recycled glass. The result? Sustainable and ecological coating and floor mosaic.

ONIX ecological mosaic is made of 98% recycled glass, which requires a quantity of 32,000 tons per year of this raw material. It is a design and quality product with a high added value: ONIX mosaic is an eco-friendly, sustainable and ecological material.

Environmentally friendly production

In addition to the ecological mosaic, our production system is also clean and environmentally friendly. How do we do it?

We do not use water in any of our production processes, which results in greater sustainability.

Our ovens are electric. Thanks to electric cooking processes we avoid generating polluting gases and waste. ONIX Mosaic does not cause any carbon footprint (CO2)!

With a production capacity of 3.5 million m2/year, the atmospheric emissions produced in the manufacture of ONIX ecological glass mosaic are neutral. This is because we use filters that retain the dust generated during the production.

And, as always, within the highest quality standards and the endless customization possibilities of Onix mosaic.

Eco-responsibility when recycling

We are committed to continue protecting the environment and that is why we rely on innovation in most of our production processes through the use of digital technologies. This digitalization has allowed us to optimize the consumption of resources.

The company’s environmental awareness is also present in the packaging.

The product’s packaging material is made of cardboard and thanks to the minimized use of inks it is recyclable.

Quality, design and environment

As the largest glass mosaic manufacturer in Europe, we at ONIX Mosaic have 3 fixed commitments: Quality, design and the environment.

In just a few years, we have managed to have a commercial presence in more than 100 countries, carrying out countless projects all over the world and firmly committed to sustainability and ecology in each of them.


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