La mosaïque Luminiscent fera briller la piscine toute la nuit

If you like light but in the dark, this series is for you. The Luminiscent mosaic will make your pool glow all night long. An elegant, unique and innovative proposal that will turn your pool into a design reference.

Why does the Pool Glow at Night with the Luminiscent Mosaic?

The Luminiscent pool mosaic range provides a technical finish that enables the tesserae to retain the light they receive throughout the day. This sunlight is accumulated in each tesserae during the day to be projected as darkness falls.

Its technical properties make this glow in the pool last for a long period of time. The perfect solution so that you can take a night bath with a splash of light from inside the pool.

What Are the Benefits of the Luminescent Mosaic?

Pools that glow at night have a magnetic attraction that captivates everyone who sees them, and even more so if it is with luminescent pool mosaic. This innovative mosaic with so many design possibilities highlights the aesthetic appeal of any pool.

So, if you are thinking of giving a touch of luminosity to your pool, this is the product for you. With the Luminiscent mosaic you can also design original decorations, patterns or mixtures that, when illuminated at night, completely change their look.

In addition to creating this nocturnal atmosphere that stands out among the most elegant pool designs, the Luminiscent mosaic also has a functional feature. If the tesserae are placed on the steps or edges of the pool, they will be illuminated at nightfall, thus preventing accidents during night-time bathing.

This mosaic not only provides its aesthetic properties at night. During the day, its shiny finish adds elegance to the pool.

Do You Want to See the Result of ONIX Pools?

ONIX presents the Luminiscent mosaic series in three colors: blue, green and white that combined with the different Aquastyle pool mosaic series will create a unique night atmosphere by radiating light through the water from the bottom of the pool.

As for the design, it will go as far as your imagination. You can create endless different and customized results. From geometric shapes that will go unnoticed in daylight but will be illuminated at night, to gradients or random flashes throughout the pool.

Get a striking nocturnal atmosphere thanks to ONIX Luminiscent mosaic for pools.


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