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Just as the color of the water in the pool is altered by several factors, besides the color of the sky, other aspects, both personal and environmental, must also be considered in order to make the experience in the water as rewarding as possible.

Better a ‘Wow’ than an ‘Ough’

Seldom do you find someone who answers ‘no’ to the question ‘Do you like surprises?’, as these are usually intended to be positive.

When it comes to renovating the pool or to design it from scratch, more and more people are leaving behind the classic blue tone tiles to choose other shades of color and design.

At ONIX we would like to invite you to previously consider a series of aspects so that you have the maximum information before deciding on the color, format and design of the mosaic coating for the pool and, of course, to offer you different options that meet your needs in each case.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Pool Coating

  • What surrounds the pool? The shade of the pool coating you choose will intensify or mute the color of the area surrounding the pool, as well as the elements within it. When choosing a particular tile, keep in mind the following:
    • The color and material of the pool curb
    • The color of the internal elements of the pool, such as the drains
    • The color of the handrails/walkways
    • All elements that surround and form the pool environment (porch, showers, etc.)
  • Do you live in a windy area or is the pool located near a wooded area? Then the chances of the pool getting dirty are increased. In these cases, you should consider the option of coating the pool with a dark-colored glass mosaic as with this type of mosaic the inside of the pool is barely noticeable and the dirt that may have been deposited on the bottom is “camouflaged”.
Costa den Blanes Residential Project in which ONIX Opalo Negro mosaic has been used.
  • Another option to conceal the dirt in the pool is to coat it with mosaics of different graphics or patterns, as well as color mixtures or color gradients, which will also generate an attractive visual depth effect.
Residential project in which Storm Matte mosaic has been used.
  • Are you worried about lime scale stains? With a light-colored mosaic it will be easier to hide the lime scale that may appear on the walls of the pool.
  • Do you live in an area with frequent weather changes? If you opt for a sand or beige mosaic, the color of the water will change according to these changes and your pool will always look different, so you will have the feeling that you are bathing in a different one every so often. The color of the water will change, but not its temperature since the light tones help to keep it stable.
Pool coated with Penta Cream Matte mosaic tile.

With this color you will also make the pool look like the fine white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, as it will reflect golden and white tones.

Do you want to enhance the beauty of the landscape or architectural environment surrounding the pool? Then go for a dark-colored mosaic because, thanks to its mirror effect, you will magnify that beauty. However, if the pool environment is not to your liking (housing block or other), consider another chromatic option that prevents you from having a mirror in the garden.

Are you looking for a pool that allows you to extend the swimming season? Then go for dark-colored mosaic tiles that will attract the sun’s rays and keep the water temperature, not to mention saving energy.

For pool entrances or areas where the water depth is shallower, the color of the mosaic will be the same as the deeper areas, but the perception of the color will be different.

Are you looking for a luxury and elegant touch?

  • Although risky, black color in pool coating is a very elegant and trendy option in high luxury residential projects.
  • Another option would be gloss and opal mosaics, such as those in our Iridiscent Colour Blends series; a less risky mosaic, but equally beautiful.
Residential project in which Polar mosaic has been used.
  • Are you going to put spotlights in the pool? Think carefully if you are going to coat the pool with black mosaic, because this color absorbs light, and the tonal result may not be to your liking. In addition, the darker the color you coat the pool, the more energy it will require to light it.
  • Do you live in a cold climate zone and do not want to feel even colder when entering the pool? Then choose mosaic tiles in dark tones, to keep and even increase the temperature of the water.
  • Would you like to include glow-in-the-dark mosaic? Choose a mosaic that matches our luminescent tones to ensure the desired aesthetics.
  • Is the area where the pool is located somewhat shady? Then you should consider a mosaic in white shades, as it will brighten up the area.
  • Problems in the pool such as algae or rust: keep in mind that a dark mosaic will make it difficult to detect this type of problem. Simply be aware of this and intensify the control of the water treatment.
  • Is your pool small and would you like it to look a little bigger? Light-toned mosaics will help you convey a feeling of greater spaciousness.

The wow effect guaranteed by ONIX

Once the above-mentioned aspects have been considered, we would also like to list the reasons why choosing glass mosaic to coat your pool with ONIX will not cause you any unpleasant surprises:

  1. It is a versatile material, so it adapts perfectly to any surface.
  2. The glass mosaic tile is very resistant and easy to clean.
  3. The fungicidal and antibacterial properties of glass mosaic make it an ideal material for the swimming pool and surrounding wet areas.
  4. You can choose from a variety of mosaic formats, besides the classic quadrangular. At ONIX we produce mosaics in square (25x25mm), Penta (50x50mm), Hex (31,75 mm), Hex XL (51,6 mm) and Penny (19 mm) formats.
  5. You will be using an eco-friendly material, as ONIX glass mosaic comes from 98% recycled glass.
  6. In addition, ONIX has a wide range of mosaics with Seda Antislip If you still haven’t heard about it, don’t miss this blog article in which we describe its advantages.
  7. At ONIX we have designed special pieces (step, cove and special pieces) for all areas of the pool, so you will not find a space that you cannot coat with our mosaic.
  8. You can design your pool yourself thanks to the Mosaic Creator.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable information before choosing the mosaic that will make your pool stand out.

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