Seeking inspiration in Nolla mosaic tiles.

It is a fact that geometry is a trend.

More and more designers, architects and homeowners are choosing to enhance floors and spaces with geometric compositions in the form of mosaics, much like they did in the mid-19th century with the Nolla mosaic.

This type of mosaic broke the mold in the creation imaginary of the time and laid the foundations of today’s patterns enhancing the rooms where they are used.

Mosaic and Geometry

The growing interest in mosaic and geometric motifs can be seen in the volume of orders we receive at Onix® for this type of decoration.

Many customers contact us asking us to replicate, in vitreous mosaic, the decorations of the Nolla mosaics that once embellished the rooms of their relatives, either because they are not in good condition (despite being a highly resistant material), or because they want to upgrade the space without losing the essence and beauty provided by this type of mosaic, or because they themselves want to replicate those motifs or decorations in their own rooms as a way to remember the past.

The interest in this mosaic is also reflected in the numerous initiatives for its preservation and dissemination, such as the one currently led by the Nolla Ceramics Research and Dissemination Centre (CIDCeN) that seeks to generate an interactive digital map of coordinates of the areas in which this mosaic is present.

  1. Interior design work carried out by B | HUBER in L’Osteria de IL Duomo, for which they chose our hexagonal mosaic HEX Pattern 2, making variations in the color palette and achieving a spectacular result.
  2. Customized pattern. Natureglass. Private individual project.

ONIX Patterns and Customization

As Valencian manufacturers of vitreous mosaic for over twenty years, we have written this article to pay a small tribute to this majestic type of mosaic, in case it can serve as inspiration in your future projects.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that in the Geo Patterns article on our blog we have more information about the different possibilities for customizing floors and spaces with geometric motifs and how it is possible to do it using the ONIX Mosaic Creator web application.

We are convinced that if we put the technical expertise of ONIX at the service of your creativity, the result will be a world of designs and decorations that hopefully we will have the opportunity to see on an interactive map someday.

Until that day comes, and true to our How far does your imagination go?, we would like to challenge you to take your imagination where never before and share the result of your projects and designs by tagging ONIX on social media.

And although these are not a map as such, every time we find posts in which you mention us, we virtually travel to the creative world of those who have included us in their projects, and it’s a feeling we love.


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