Mosaïque de verre: la meilleure alternative au liner PVC

Among the options available for lining the walls and floor of your swimming pool, today we will focus on PVC liner.

This material consists of waterproof, flexible films normally used to retain chemical products, liquids and waste. In fact, it is commonly used in landfills, since it reduces waste as compared to using soil.

Because it is a material that is waterproof and malleable, it is capable of adapting to the contours and changes in the ground and immediate surroundings.

Also, there are more options than ever for liners, with designs and prints for the pool, adding a bit of appeal to the standard, plain liner.

However, while the characteristics indicated above are apparent advantages, PVC liner has a number of disadvantages. For example, its resistance to ultraviolet rays is much lower than that of glass mosaic, meaning its lifetime is quite limited, especially when used in swimming pools. That is why this material has normally been used as liner underground, where it is not exposed to sunlight.

This material has another disadvantage: its propensity to wrinkle when the pH of the pool changes abruptly.

Furthermore, for this material to remain properly tense/stretched, extreme care must be taken when filling the pool with water, because the liquid is the only element capable of keeping it firm. Otherwise, it is very likely that unsightly wrinkles will appear on the walls and floor of the pool.

Likewise, this material requires constant monitoring of the waterline, because variations in the waterline may cause marks and color variations in the liner.

pvl liner

Keeping all this in mind, let us now see how glass mosaic compares:

  • Glass mosaic adapts perfectly to every surface of the pool, regardless of its shape. Furthermore, there are special pieces available for tiling more complex areas.
  • Used in pools, glass mosaic has a lifetime of 12-16 years, as compared to 5-7 years for pool liners.
  • PVC liners are susceptible to tears and scratches, even those sold with multi-layer varnishes. This is highly unlikely to happen with glass mosaic.
  • If water gets under the liner, a pocket develops, leaving liner material floating between two layers of water. This can lead to folds, creating tension in the liner and favoring tears.
  • Liner is usually chosen with functionality and short-term needs in mind.
  • Today, when it comes to elegant decoration, liners cannot match the number or quality of designs and possibilities offered by glass mosaic.
  • What makes the mosaics manufactured at ONIX so attractive is the wide variety of formats and the incredible textures and finishes, all of which will give your swimming pool a one of a kind aesthetic that you simply cannot achieve with PVC liner. Not to mention the natural, brilliant shine of the glass in our mosaics, making every moment you spend in and around the pool  sheer magic!

Discover the most avant-garde mosaics from ONIX, and take your pool to the next level


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