Trends in glass mosaic for the hospitality industry

If there is one intangible that helps determine your decision when choosing a restaurant, it is the experience lived there, an experience shaped by the flavors of the dishes, the quality of the service and, of course, by the aesthetics of the establishment.

The owners of the most prestigious restaurants agree on the importance of focusing on creating unforgettable experiences for their guests, which, in turn, contributes not only to guaranteeing the viability and success of the restaurant, but also to the well-being of the customer on the inside, the restaurant worker.

Interior design is therefore a key to achieving this type of memorable experience; the design must connect with customers on an emotional level. Isn’t that how the men and women in the kitchen do it?

Design and Premium Service in Qatar

The new Ergon Foods establishment in the heart of Doha, Qatar, is a space that fills the senses.

As explained on their website, Ergon is a word that speaks of the idea of working with a passion and of the sense of achievement that follows. Their menu offers products made with loving care and dedication. As can be seen in the following images, that care and attention to detail extend to the furniture and finishes on their premises:

The flooring at Ergon Qatar was tiled with the Hex Pattern 2 non-slip mosaic from ONIX, featuring hexagonal tiles (ø 31.75mm – 1.25”) that create a black and white floral scene that is the perfect complement to the rest of the elements and decor of the establishment.

This model is one of most highly requested Patterns at ONIX. Nonetheless, we are continually amazed by the sheer volume of images/photographs of the floor taken daily by visitors to the establishment and shared by Ergon on Instagram. We invite you to follow their account and see for yourselves how kitchen + values + materials blend together perfectly.

Timeless Design in Panama

The establishment Tio Navaja, MULA Bar, located in the historic old quarter of Panama City, serves “casual” cuisine in juxtaposition to the “neutral design” of the premises, thus achieving an excellent pairing of both extremes and offering customers a unique experience.

commercial floor mosaic tile

In this image of the interior of the establishment, we can appreciate the timeless, classic beauty of the design of the furniture and flooring (tiled with Hex Pattern 1 glass mosaic from ONIX) which together enhance the other elements and decor and further intensify the gastronomic experience:

Experience and Excellence in Germany

L’Osteria Göttingen has always sought to provide their customers with an excellent experience, serving timeless classics of Italian cuisine and good portions at a fair price.

These conservative values and attention to detail are evident both in the classic design of a part of the establishment’s floor – Hex Pattern 1 – as well as in the mosaic finish employed, in this case opting for Stoneglass, which guarantees maximum resistance to heavy traffic and reduces the risk of falls thanks to its non-slip properties:

L’Osteria Famiglia has received numerous awards and is a ‘must visit’ if you have the chance.

An unforgettable space in Berlin

Hard Rock wall with ONIX glass mosaic

Berlin’s Hard Rock Cafe blends modern design and the historic charm of the Bauhaus building (Kurfürstendamm 224, 10719 Berlin, Germany).

ONIX plays an important part in the interior design of the premises, thanks to the elegance of the solid colors of the mosaics used to tile its walls (Stongelass Opalo Black and White):

The walls of this Hard Rock add glitter and opals to a space dedicated to the stars.

A mosaic rug at L´osteria IL DUOMO

The interior design of L’osteria IL DUOMO (Mexico), by B-Huber, is an eye-catcher, thanks in no small part to the glass mosaic rug installed in the dining area:

Carpet with ONIX mosaic glass mosaic

Rugs, even those made of glass mosaic, are a perfect solution to define spaces that coexist within a room and to enhance them.

The Stoneglass finish also makes it a safe bet: even in high-transit areas, there is no fear of slips and falls or of damage to the material itself. In fact, Stoneglass mosaics possess a resistance similar to that of diamond.

ONIX glass mosaic patterned rug
Distributor: ARTEXA. Photography: César Bejar Studio

Design of the exterior of the establishment

The design of the interior of the establishment is, of course, of the utmost importance. The same is true of the design of the exterior. Those walking by the Sushi Lovers restaurant in Castellón (Spain) are offered a unique experience before they even enter the establishment: the Hex Pattern 4 design of the floor to the entrance of the restaurant captures everyone’s attention.

Exterior floor with mosaic pattern

Decorating the outdoor floor with glass mosaic is a perfect way to further differentiate yourself from the competition.

We trust the projects we have presented in this article will inspire you and provide you with great ideas to use glass mosaic to decorate restaurants, bars, cafes and any other type of space.


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