Mosaïques de verre pour la zone de la crédence

ONIX glass mosaics are a fantastic option for tiling and decorating the kitchen and the bathroom, especially the areas in direct contact with liquids such as the kitchen and bathroom backsplash, the surfaces around the shower, and the wall surfaces by the sink.

Glass mosaic tile is in high demand because it is extremely versatiledurable and easy to clean. It is the perfect material for decorating all types of rooms, especially those areas that concern us most in this article, areas more prone to stains and spills and most often exposed to significant changes in temperature.

You might think that such a wide variety of mosaic formats, designs and finishes would make the selection process more complex, but that is not the case. You are guaranteed to find the product that goes best with the existing materials and elements in the room, products that will even bring out their best.

Kitchen Backsplash Glass Mosaic Tiles

The Hex XL Zelik Green mosaic, with its hexagonal format and graphics inspired by Moroccan Zellige tiles, illustrates how glass mosaic tiles can effortlessly complement furniture with soft gray tones, bringing out their essence of order and elegance, accentuating both the functionality and modern nature of your kitchen.

Decorating these small areas (as compared to a wall or floor) allows you to give free rein to your imagination, to boldly employ innovative colors and formats, such as the circular Penny format shown here:

kitchen backsplash with mosaics in natural tones, such as the Taupe Shiny mosaic, allows for captivating chromatic schemes in contrast with the rest of the elements in the room, as can be seen in the kitchen setting above.

Bathroom Backsplash Mosaic Tiles

Opal mosaics are the ideal mosaic tiles to create that essential hideaway for you to unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

The beauty of this series lies in the variety of color schemes it offers (white, black, and iridescent blue) and in its metallic shine, which brings a touch of sophistication to the space, guaranteeing a perfect result.

Bathroom wall with glass mosaic
Bathroom wall tiling with the Opalo Blanco glass mosaic by ONIX.

In this case, the mosaic acts not only to protect the wall from splashes from the sink, it also acts as a decorative tiling for the entire wall, perfectly matching bathroom furniture with dark tones and elements with stone accents.

New Ideas for decorating the backsplash

Just as in the case of swimming pools, where you can either apply mosaic tiles to the entire pool or simply apply tiles to one border as a decorative detail, one decoration option for the bathroom backsplash is to tile the wall solely along the length of the sink, rather than along the length of the entire cabinet. In fact, you can even employ metallic finishes to create a more sophisticated look:

Bathroom wall with glass mosaic
Bathroom wall tiling with Penny Stoneglass Gold glass mosaic.

Or, in direct and complete contrast to the Opal mosaic series, you can opt for the Cosmic mosaic series, which offers mixes of more than twenty different tiles. The richness of the textures, colors and finishes of these mosaics is sure to captivate the eye and delight the senses.

Kitchen backsplash with ONIX glass mosaic
Kitchen backsplash with Elba glass mosaic tile

One option that is perhaps daring for many, is to employ dark tones in the backsplash, such as those found in the Hex Natureglass Black Matte hexagonal mosaic used in this residential project in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood:

Bathroom & glass mosaic.
Bathroom wall tiling with Hex Natureglass Black Matte glass mosaic.

We trust that with these examples we have inspired you and demonstrated the ways in which glass mosaics are the perfect solution to enhance the elements of a room and to establish the backsplash area as its focal point.


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