Mosaïque artistique, la plus vieille technique artisanale de mosaïque

The art of mosaic customization reaches its fullest extent with the ‘Artistic Mosaic‘. A handcrafted technique in which the joining of these small tesserae placed one by one creates decorations with incredible detail.

As its name suggests, the endless possibilities of mosaic are the inspiration to create the most revolutionary design floors and walls. The word mosaic comes from the Greek word ‘museios’, referring to the muses that inspired the great artists of the time.

What is the Artistic Mosaic technique?

The Artistic Mosaic technique consists of joining these small glass tesserae in different finishes, shapes and colors to create works of design on floors and walls.

The difficulty of this handmade technique lies in its placement, since it is done manually and the tesserae are placed one by one. Therefore, the creation process must be very meticulous, without the possibility of the slightest error.

In addition, until the work is finished, the result cannot be seen. This means that each tessera that follows the design of the Artistic Mosaic technique, does not make sense individually since only when these tesserae are joined and seen from a certain distance, can the design of the wall or floor be appreciated in its totality and with all its decorative potential.

The oldest mosaic craft technique

The use of artistic mosaic in decoration arose in ancient times when paving was perfected with small river stones of different colors and sizes. With these stones they made streets decorated with simple drawings.

Thus, mosaics have been used to decorate large mansions, palaces and streets since ancient Mesopotamia. Although it was during the time of the Roman Empire when the technique of the Artistic Mosaic reached its golden age evolving to the most artistic field.

Over the centuries, the Artistic Mosaic has been adapting to new decorative styles and innovations, but in recent years it has become one of the most spectacular and versatile decorative trends for all types of areas.

Both for floors and walls, artistic mosaic allows you to create original and unique environments.

Why choose the Artistic Mosaic technique to create decorative settings?

You can create unique decorations with your own style and character thanks to the endless shape, finish and color possibilities of Onix tesserae.

You can make a space stand out by combining it with simpler elements.

You get different optical effects depending on the color, shape or pattern used. This way, you create effects like a greater width impression, more luminosity or more cozy atmospheres.

You have the same technical, cleaning and durability benefits as in glass mosaic floors and walls.


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