Glass mosaic internal coves and external angles

At ONIX we want to offer a full range of finishes for swimming pools. But how to achieve this perfect pool coating? We have designed seven special chips to cover any pool edge or corner – the most technical and innovative pool mosaic!

The versatile and varied design of these special gresite chips improve the whole look and safety of your pool.

Its different finishes and colours complete a range that combines perfectly with any of our products.

These chips also bring endless possibilities for projects in combination with both the Aquastyle Penta collection (50 mm) and the Aquastyle Square collection, with standard measurements (25 mm).

In addition to their perfect finish, these special swimming pool gresite chips provide maximum safety thanks to their anti-slip finish and are environmentally friendly! Like all Onix mosaic, they are made from recycled glass.

Special gresite chips for pool edges and corners

Pool edges

STEP is the perfect chip for step edges and pool borders that can sometimes be difficult to assemble.

When used later, pool steps can also cause complications such as cuts in the event of a fall or a bad standing in the corner.

Thanks to these special coating chips for pools with a curved shape we get a beautiful and much safer finish!

Transition between swimming pool floor and wall

This new chip, called COVE, considerably improves the aesthetics of the pool by adding a much more elegant and careful finish to the transition between floor and wall – a revolution in pool finishing!

Special chips for swimming pools

In addition to the STEP and COVE chips, each pool edge and corner has its own special chip. The Onix gresite for wall coating has finishes for pool steps, edges and transitions between floor and wall – everything is possible thanks to the technical innovation of ONIX!

These five special chips cover all the corners and edges of the pool. They are available in 4 colour variations and also in the Luminescent and Antislip finishes. The endless combination possibilities guarantee a perfect composition of your project.

Thanks to our eagerness to excel, to innovate and to reach perfection, now the ONIX ecological gresite for swimming pools has all the special chips to coat any swimming pool, either regular or irregular. A perfect, safe and elegant finish!


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