Tendances ONIX en carrelage de murs extérieurs

Choosing a coating for exterior walls is not a simple task, as several variables must be taken into account other than design, resistance to environmental conditions, etc…

For the regular readers of this blog, the competitive advantages of using Onix recycled glass mosaics may be redundant but we are confident about the high quality & durability of the product we manufacture.

Why Choose ONIX Mosaic for Coating?

  • We manufacture our mosaics with recycled glass in order to minimize the environmental impact and deliver an environmentally friendly product.
  • Glass is a non-porous, antibacterial product that is very easy to clean. It is perfect for applying in exterior areas with condensed water/humidity.
  • Glass mosaic is a versatile material as it adapts to any type of surface.
  • We have a wide range of formats and finishes in our collection: square (25x25mm), Penta (50x50mm), Hex (ø 31,75 mm – 1.25″), Hex XL (ø 51,6 mm – 2″) and Penny (ø 19 mm – 2″), which makes it easy to find the right product for any project.
  • The laying of the mosaic is very simple, as you may observe in the following video:

Exterior Mosaics with Metallic Look

A remarkable aspect to consider is the texture of the material. Did you know that the mosaic is not limited to the blue gresite of the pool, with its typical graining? It is possible to create a unique and exclusive atmosphere by using textured mosaics as well as different finishes of the same material.

Since images are a great help when it comes to planning, here is an example of how our Hex Metal Black mosaic can be used outdoors:

ONIX’s Hex Metal Blends series is perfect if you are looking for an elegant metallic look.  You can choose from within various hexagonal iridescent effects. As you can see per the detail images, the textures are beautiful:

Over time, metals lose their luster and corrode, requiring continuous maintenance for their preservation. Glass mosaics perfectly emulate metal effects providing you with the desired aesthetics & avoiding maintenance issues.

Exterior Mosaics that Recreate Natural Stone

For those who seek a natural look, our ECOSTONES range recreates the most exclusive marbles & eliminates costs entailed during the installation & maintenance of natural stone.

For those who seek a natural look, our Ecostones range recreates the most exclusive marbles & eliminates costs entailed during the installation & maintenance of natural stone.

The Statuario Matte mosaic from ONIX’s Ecostones series has been used for both the wall and the floor in this image.

Below an example of how to achieve a beautiful and balanced result by combining the same reference with two different formats. The hexagonal format mosaic has been used as a wall coating, while the square format has been installed on the floor.

Glass Mosaic Patterns for Exterior Wall Decorations

Have you ever thought of coating your exterior walls with decorative patterns? Tesserae can turn them into a real work of art.

The Labrynth White glass mosaic has been used in the image, preserving the minimalist and elegant line of the set.

Using patterns is an option that we always advise you to consider; in addition, our Mosaic Creator application is available so that you can create your own personalized designs with our tesserae: it allows you to choose the mosaic format you want for your exterior coating, choose a pattern, modify the color of the tesserae, etc.

Here is a guide on how to create a composition of your Patterns with ONIX glass mosaics: Mosaic Creator User Guide

In addition to the use of glass mosaic on exterior walls being a trend, it is worth mentioning the use of this material with pattern design for exterior floors, such as the Squares Pattern 8 in the image:

Digital Printing in Mosaic For Exterior Walls

We have talked about materials, formats, textures, finishes, colors… As you can see, the range of possibilities to obtain an exclusive exterior coating of the highest quality is vast, but we can expand it even more.

It is possible to customize any wall with the images you like the most. As mentioned in the article on digital mosaic printing, this technique was originally applied to decorate swimming pools. Nowadays it has become a trend that helps create spaces with customized designs according to the imagination of each decorator, whatever the surface.

In Australia, for example, Earp Bros Distiling Co. requested ONIX to decorate their exterior façade with a custom design using digital printing on glass mosaic.

This is an example of how the combination of various materials, such as brick and glass mosaic, can deliver a stunning result.

The Magic of Light on Glass Mosaic

Aside from the material with which the room is coated, it is important to consider the lighting conditions.

If for example we want to decorate the entrance of the house and it is dark, we could add more luminosity using light-colored mosaics, which also creates a sense of spaciousness.

However, if the area is luminous, we can take advantage of light to create surprising effects, for example with the mosaics from the Iridiscent Colour Blends series, with a gloss and opal finish. The incidence of light on the tesserae and the angle at which you look at the area where the mosaics are placed, will result in a different atmosphere each time, but always beautiful.

We also offer luminescent mosaics that glow in the dark… As you can see, the limit when it comes to coating is your imagination; at ONIX we work to overcome those limits and offer you more and more possibilities every year.

We hope that this article has been useful as a small summary of the trends and possibilities of glass mosaic for exterior coatings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.


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