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When designing, building, or upgrading the bathroom, in addition to focusing on its look and plans, it is necessary to pay attention to the non-slip properties of the coating material that will line the floor to minimize the risk of falls, as water, steam and fluids are common in this room.

If the house is also inhabited by people with reduced mobility, who are more prone to falls, it is even more reason to opt for non-slip floor materials.

Before reading on, we would like to inform you that the products we will mention in this article comply with the following non-slip ratings according to the following standards:

Class 3 – UNE-ENV 12633:2003 (CTE)

≥ 0,42 – DCOF Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ANSI A 137.1 Standard

Now that you have the most important information, that is safety related, how about starting to design a beautiful non-slip floor with circular mosaic chips?

An Innovative Mosaic with Many Advantages

The trend of using recycled glass mosaic in wet areas is growing not only because it is a highly resistant material with no porosity, but also because of its hygienic properties, its easy cleaning, and its ability to adapt to any surface, making it possible to decorate the entire bathroom floor or a small area, such as the shower floor.

Add to these features a non-slip finish and a totally innovative format, and ONIX Penny circular mosaic is the ideal choice for anyone looking for functionality, safety, and design.

Although we will focus in this article on the bathroom, more and more interior designers and architects around the world are becoming interested in our penny-sized and shaped mosaic for their interior projects, extending its applications to wall coating and endless furniture decoration options.

ONIX Non-slip Mosaic

Non-Slip Flooring with Penny Ecostones Mosaic

Bath time is one of the most intimate and special moments; that is why both the furniture, and the finishes should be chosen in such a way as to make us feel relaxed and recharge our batteries.

One way to connect with yourself and with nature is precisely by choosing materials with a marble or stone effect, which are also trending again in 2021.

Imagine bringing the majesty and elegance of stone to your bathroom and doing it with a totally innovative material: the Penny mosaic by ONIX, similar in shape and size to a real penny. Aside from being different, don’t you agree that the result could be spectacular?

Here are the links to the non-slip mosaics of this series, so that you can start planning your ideal bathroom:

Now that you have seen the products, visualize the room by including more natural elements and materials such as plants, flowers, wood, bamboo, etc. The feeling of calm and connection with nature will be intensified and the bathroom could end up being your favorite place in the house.

Non-slip flooring with Penny Natureglass Mosaic

In a bathroom with muted colors, choosing a non-slip mosaic from the Penny Natureglass series by ONIX could be the ideal option to break that chromatic monotony, as it would add more vivacity to the room, without losing the calm or sweet essence so typical of pastel tones.

If we add a designer coating such as the one in this series to a bathroom with white furniture or walls and include small decorative elements in chromatic harmony with the floor (vases, towels, etc.), the result can be astonishing.

All the mosaics in this series are non-slip, which means that with any of them you can add a touch of vintage reminiscence to your bathroom without compromising safety.

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the use of non-slip mosaic when upgrading the bathroom, but this finish should also be used in other areas such as swimming pools, terraces, and kitchens where it is highly likely to experience slips and the dreaded falls. Here is a kitchen with Penny Natureglass Pale Blue Matte mosaic as a reference for other rooms in your home:

Here is the link to discover Penny Natureglass non-slip mosaics

Penny Blends mosaic for non-slip floors

If you are looking for a less conventional aesthetic and a combination of different materials and finishes, the Penny Blends series will turn the sobriety of any area into an atmosphere filled with character. Do not hesitate to choose the Matte mosaics of this series.

As you have seen, it is possible to enhance the bathroom without resorting to the typical format or color coatings.

We have focused in this article on providing ideas for flaunting a designer non-slip floor using only Penny mosaic, but at ONIX we have a wide range of non-slip floor coatings in different formats: square, PENTA, Hex, Hex XL. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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